Thursday, June 19, 2008

Appreciate!! (sent by a friend)


The aim of life is appreciation;
there is no sense in not appreciating things;
and there is no sense in having more
of them if you have less appreciation of them
Gilbert K Chesterton

Feeling grateful or appreciative of
someone or something in your life
actually attracts more of the things
that you appreciate and value into your life
Northrup Christiane

Appreciate the good things
The sunshine feels so much warmer
after weeks of rainy days
Your loved ones seem so much more
precious whenever they've been away
You truly appreciate and value your
good health after recovering from a
difficult and prolonged illness
You learn new respect for financial discipline
after working your way out of a burdensome debt
It's easy and natural to appreciate the good things
after you've experienced life without them
Yet sadly, that can often be too late
How much better it is to appreciate
the good things you have while you still have them
For then, not only can you appreciate them,
you can put them to positive and productive use
So begin each day by counting your many blessings
Pay particular attention to the ones that are so much
a part of you that you might otherwise take them for granted.

True abundance and gratitude are solidly linked
The more you appreciate the good things,
the more numerous they will be
Ralph Marston

Appreciative words are the most
powerful force for good on earth!
George W Crane

To appreciate heaven well,
it's good for a person to have
some fifteen minutes of hell
Will Carleton

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