Wednesday, January 9, 2013


RIP- rest in peace but can anyone rest in peace ????? . Been reading many opinions on face book about the state of women in india . All instigated by the gang rape of the young 23 year old who succumbed to her physical and mental torture this morning . I am hurt and saddened but I feel her soul is now free from the agony that her body was experiencing . May God give strength to her family to copewith the physical loss .
She lives in the hearts of many and I hope her death does not go in vain . She has been instrumental in waking up a nation that has always turned a blind eye towards the state of humans and women in particular .
Life for a young girl in india is wrought with fear and insecurity . I remember being physically molested right outside my house by one of the boys from the same neighborhood . I was barely 12 and the boy was probably 15 . I screamed and he ran away but since then I was petrified of even going to the near by supermarket. I also remember being pinched in a public bus when I was 16 and then witnessing a mans private part when a few of us were standing at a bus stop waiting for the university bus . Sadly at that time we were too embarrassed and instead of us doing something about it we all turned and looked away . It's sad that the molested feel ashamed and the molester walks away feeling proud .
I think the nation is now waking up from the deep slumber of letting things happen and just turning away .
I have not watched any news channels or participated in any debates on the shaming of the indian government in particular and the society in general and Infact was trying to keep myself away from knowing anymore . I just prayed in silence and prayed for the young girls soul and her family's strength to cope but somehow could not keep myself from reading all the outpouring of grief , anger, vendetta and helplessness . I am not alone in feeling despondent and helpless and am not really sure how I can show my solidarity . I am not a part of the thousands who are protesting and neither am I in a position to change the laws , all I can do as an individual is to pray for a change in human psychology . Pray that mankind is uplifted from the darkness that surrounds us . The killing of young children in America , the rape of a young woman in india ! Where did we as humans go so wrong ? What happened to us ? Why are we hell bent on destroying ourselves . The world did not end on 21 st December but it seems that humanity is heading towards its own destruction . Maybe the end if the world was not a physical end but and end of humanity . These incidents bring an outpouring of grief and for a few days we are in a state of shock and then life goes back to being what it was . We debate, we discuss , we write , we read and then we move on . What can we do and what should we do ?
Each and every person needs to wake up and see how his or her action is impacting mankind . Are we moving towards the light or towards darkness ? The change needs to begin at the thought level and that needs to translate into action . There is absolutely no point in blaming another , the only solution to any change is bringing about a change in the self . When the self changes the world changes . Lets all look within our own selves and see what demons are hiding there . This is our wake up call to destroy all that rapes our minds and bodies . Finger pointing never helped . Only self realization helps ..

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