Thursday, May 12, 2011

The bright side of falling sick!!!!!

A week ago, I was almost dying…or at least that is what I

thought and I wrote about how I had been unable to practice mind control to

heal myself. The wonderful messages and

the healing energy sent by all you wonderful people made a whale of difference.

Although am still house bound, I definitely feel better. Thank you everyone for
the wonderful messages and love. Much appreciated.

As a thank you I have a great strategy for happiness
that I discovered during my convalescence.

Before I go ahead, let me share with you a few good things

about falling ill. During the height of my illness I was really cursing the way

I was feeling and could not wait to get better. However in hindsight, I wish I

had not done that and just accepted my illness and thanked my body for forcing
me to take a break.

Body has an amazing self-regulating mechanism and when

pushed too far will give us signals to slow down. The signals will be mild in

the beginning like a headache or body ache, inability to sleep or a short bout

of flu. If we take the hint and take some rest we will be back in action in a

few days, but if we ignore the subtle signs then the body will give us a

slightly stronger nudge and this time we may be out of action for more than just

a few days. My body had tried to tell me in more ways than one, but did I pay

attention? Of course not! And when it really could not take it anymore it gave

me a royal kick up my back side and forced me to stay in bed. To make matters even

more interesting, I could not even speak because of the bronchitis and the

incessant coughing. It really was time for quiet contemplation.

Along with contemplation came lots of reading and lots of

movies. I don’t remember the last time I sat in front of the TV this much. And

the best part of it all, a lot of TLC from the family. Inara made special

drinks ( I can’t say they were all very palatable, but the love and concern
made up way more than the taste) and Rahul and my helper gave amazing massages and back rubs :-) . So it was good to be cared for.

Ok, so let me get to the point where I will share with you the secret of happiness.

I read amazing stuff by a guy called Neil Slade. Have ordered all his books now, but this was on his website.

According to him, you can increase your happiness a thousand times over just by popping your frontals!

What does that mean? Basically what he is saying is you can

multiply your happiness levels thousand, ten-thousand or million times over
just by clicking your amygdala forward.

Did I lose you here? What language am I speaking? Frontals,

Amygdala, popping and clicking !!. It all sounds very strange but it is real

All you need to do is close your eyes and put your thumbs in

your ears, put your middle finger on your eye and bring your index finger in
line with your eye just above the ear. You have just located your amygdala.

Amygdala is an almond shaped mass of nuclei located deep within the temporal lobe of the brain
. It is involved in many of our emotions and motivations, particularly those that are related to

survival. The amygdala is involved in the processing of emotions such as fear,
anger and pleasure.

It also acts as a switch between the reptilian brain, the mammalian brain and the most advanced part of
our brain, the frontal lobes.

According to Neil Slade, if we click the amygdala forward we will have immediate feelings of peace,
happiness, pleasure etc.

So what you need to do is do some visualization, because visualization is a frontal lobe activity.

Now that you have located your amygdale, imagine a feather coming through your forehead and tickling the two amygdale.

Just by visualizing this you will have clicked forward your amygdala and will surely feel pleasure.

No harm trying it, I did but am not so sure if I suddenly managed to increase my happiness a thousand
times over.

I definitely had a good laugh when I told Inara about it and both she and I visualized clicking forward

our amygdalas!!! And according to Slade, laughter is a front lobe exercise so it is already a plus in the brain department.

Every time you are in fear or fight mode you are in your reptilian brain and your creativity, intelligence and ability to enjoy are almost negligible, and when you are having fun either in real time or visualizing and reliving happy times your frontal lobes are active and you will feel happier, more creative and more intelligent.

I read hundreds of pages on the brain and the amygdala, but won’t bore you with it. Suffice to say that

knowing how to use the brain is way more important than just the size of the brain. ( Size does matter).

So before going to bed , do this short visualization exercise. Try and remember your happiest memory.

Visualise it in great detail, give it colour, smell, taste, touch, what ever you can remember. Stay with it for a while.

Now you have activated your frontal lobes.

To add to that pleasure, now do the feather tickling amygdala exercise. It is supposed to be the best
feeling you will ever experience.

And if you do please share it with me so that I can copyright it. :-))))))))))))))

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