Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happiness in a bottle

“Happiness in a bottle”

It all started one evening when I attended a talk by the author of “ The cult of Luxury Brands” . This was Radha’s first book and she was sharing with us her insights into the luxury market of Asia with a focus on China and India, the two giant economies that are pretty much fuelling the growth of luxury brands in Asia.

After her presentation, we started chatting about luxury goods and how the ownership of a brand elevates us to a higher status and tries to fulfill the basic need of happiness. And somehow the conversation steered towards happiness being the biggest luxury.

The whole purpose of achieving financial success is to eventually attain happiness and somewhere down the line, our pursuit of wealth steers us away from the very thing that we are seeking.

The next morning I was invited to a breakfast where almost everyone was a someone in the corporate world. Each person had a business card with a fancy title implying importance and a following. Here I was , with no title and no business card . When I introduced myself as Shveitta, every one asked me as what I did?

I am currently on a sabbatical therefore do not have corporate identity. I have been researching the term happiness, so when asked as to what I do, my immediate response was “ I sell bottled happiness”. I was amazed at the kind of response I received to this statement. It was a statement made in jest and I didn’t realize that I was opening such a Pandora’s Box of unfulfilled dreams, financial and emotional setbacks, heart breaks, poor body image, loveless marriages and the works. Everything that leads to unhappiness. So my “bottled happiness formula “seemed to be in great demand.

My research has taken a whole new meaning, now I really have to find that secret formula of happiness. The formula exists and it is available to all.
You will however have to be patient and bear with me while I do the fine tuning. After all it is the elixir of happiness. It has to be difficult to attain or at least I have to make it exclusive so that it remains a luxury!!????

If happiness were so readily available it would lose its allure and become so common that nobody would want it. The very fact that it is so elusive is what makes us want it even more. After all the billions that the luxury brands invest in their research and development has to mean something.

Would be extremely grateful if you could help me out with my research.
Can you please define for me what it means to be happy, successful and fulfilled?

We all know the theory, but how many of us really practice what we read/preach??? I will then collate all the data and distill the elixir and give it all back to you.

Many many thanks in advance and I hope to hear back from you.