Friday, November 14, 2014

Do I mourn the loss of the physical or do I celebrate the the journey of the eternal soul ?

Today is my mothers anniversary . Had she continued her journey around the sun she would have turned 70 in two weeks . But her soul decided to give up this manifestation and move on to the next.
For my brother and I it was the worst calamity to befall us . Her passing away orphaned us and we felt completely alone and lost .
I mourned the loss for a very long time . The pain still seers through and the cut feels raw . But I know that no one ever goes away . Both my parents are living through my brother and I and our children . Their physical presence is gone but their light lives on .
There are days when I miss the physical and all I want is to experience their presence and get a hug from them but alas the desire remains unfulfilled . Then there are days when the knowing comes in and I feel grateful for their short presence in my life and I bow to their decision of continuing on their journey .
Sometimes I get angry , sometimes I am despondent , sometimes I am upset and I feel cheated. But I also realize life is exactly the way it is meant to be .
We humans always want more . More of everything . More time , more love, more money , more appreciation , more accomplishments . I think it's time for more gratitude . Instead of mourning my loss I need to celebrate my memories and the short time I had with them . Their soul has gone on to experience another adventure . The pain of their lack of physical presence will always remain but I know their spirit lives on and I shall be grateful for their time on this planet .. I love you both .. Till we meet again .. Xxx.

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