Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Ask and it is really given – could be in another form though J

Yesterday, I decided to play a game with God!

I was in the Clear Water Bay Country club Gym and it was a gorgeous day.  Usually I have my phone and headphones and am like a hamster on a wheel . I work out for about 45 minutes with my head phones on, either staring into my I-phone or at the TV in front.

Yesterday however, I had no phone or head- phones, so I started staring out at the Ocean and the beautiful mountains and the lovely fluffy cloud formation. The scenery was gorgeous.  As I was staring out a crazy thought came into my head. I decided to play a game with God.

In my mind I though to myself and asked out silently for God to show me a sign of his/her presence. I wanted to see an OM  or  Shiva’s trident formation either in the clouds or the water or the shadow’s falling over the mountains. Unique formations were forming so I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great if I could see some sort of religious symbol.

I kept staring outside and was getting pretty engrossed in the scenery but sadly saw no signs.

Just then someone came on the tread mill next to me and turned on the TV and lo and behold – For a good five minutes, I saw the pope with his big cross talking about ‘ I don’t know what as I could not hear’. But I got my sign very loud and clear. I was looking for a sign from God and what bigger sign than Christ’s cross.

I learnt two lessons. If you ask, it will be given but may not necessarily be in the form that you expect. I expected a Hindu sign as I am  completely besotted with Shiva, but I got to see a cross –proving to me that God is one and we are all the same.

Second- God loves to play so take time to play with God. It is a lot of fun. 

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