Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Last night for the first time in two weeks I went to central . For the most part we were away from Hongkong and when we got back , life as usual came in the way of supporting the brave youth that have camped on the roads since end of last month .
Although I was unable to physically be there my , heart and mind was here . Ever since I got back I started getting various accounts of the camaraderie amongst the supporters and the angst of the non supporters .
In its third week now the umbrella revolution seems to have thinned in numbers but not in hope and desire . As I walked on the bridge in central I could not help but tear up at the resolve and dedication of the youth of Hongkong who are striving for their and our future .
We expats have homes to go back to , we all can easily pack our bags and decide to leave if things get too difficult in HongKong . But for most of us who have been here Hongkong is the home we all love ..
As I had written in a previous post , if we cannot support the youth of Hongkong physically , we can still support them through our faith , belief and encouragement . I know there is a lot of inconvenience being caused to the commuters and businesses are suffering but walking through the masses made me bow in gratitude and humility at the sight of those giving up their time and comfort so that we all continue to enjoy the freedom that Hongkong offers .
As I walked and talked to the youth who have been sitting there for over two weeks I felt a deep sense of gratitude for them .
I know many of us cannot be physically present there to offer support . But we can all do a simple exercise to see this come to a peaceful resolution .
I had previously written about how the expectation of a certain outcome creates the momentum for the particular outcome .
I request all you reading this to visualize a peaceful resolution
I will share a short exercise here .
If possible , find a quite place and time . This could be early morning , around midday , early evening or late night just before bed or anytime that works for you . Close your eyes and think of someone or something you love , could be your child , your partner, your pet or even a hobby . The kind of love that makes your heart expand. The love that overflows . Spend some time reveling in this love . Now visualize Hongkong and envelope it in the same love . See Hongkong and its people happy and business as usual. See Hongkong as a role model for China and not a recalcitrant child that Beijing thinks it is . I do believe , what can be imagined , can be achieved .
I know some of you may find this silly but we got nothing to loose . I have experimented with this before and found some good results .. Not always what I wanted but always got what was good for me 
I am extremely sorry for this long post but after my walk last night I am very inspired to see a peaceful end to this situation . Need everyone's help and love ..
Regards and happiness 

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