Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The bumble bee!

This sounds uncanny, but it really made me believe.
I was in my gym on the roof top. It’s a room with windows on all sides and a huge sliding door. I had opened the sliding door and was just about to start my work out.
Suddenly a huge bumble bee decided to give me company. I ignored it for a while, hoping it would leave me and fly off where it came from. She just wouldn’t leave. She kept buzzing around and irritating me.
I eventually opened all the windows and doors in the room and I mean all the windows and doors . The bee still did not leave, by now I was getting a bit distracted and picked up a towel and started to shoo her out. She kept flying from one place to another teasing me by coming close but staying just out of my reach . Now I was getting really angry and started screaming and using ***** expletives. She still didn’t find her way out.
Then , I had the epiphany!!!! I just said, “ Thank you for visiting, you may now leave.” Before I could even finish the sentence, she was out of the window in a flash.
I just went “ Oh my God” . It really works.
Law of Attraction works. Appreciation and Gratitude works.
Try it on the real small things, start observing and the big will really come true.


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