Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jig Saw Puzzle

Jig saw puzzle

This afternoon, my 5 year old daughter and I sat down to do some jig saw puzzles. My daughter was almost done with her 100 piece puzzle when she started tapping really hard on one of the pieces, trying her best to fit it in the slot. Try as she might, it just did not seem to fit. She was almost giving up in frustration when she saw a similar piece hiding under the mat. She immediately picked it up and put it where she had been tapping away. It immediately fit.

It made me think about life. Isn’t life a series of jigsaw puzzles. Some pieces fit right away and some just don’t feel right. Be it our jobs or our relationships. Very often we tap ourselves into fitting, but invariably when the fit is not there we get frustrated and angry and either give up completely or go looking for the missing piece.

Then the Eureka moment happens, you find the perfect piece. It fits tightly. The puzzle gets complete, but with the passage of time, that same perfect fit starts to loosen and starts falling out. Relationships follow the same pattern, we look for the perfect partner…sometimes compromising on the way. Then when we find the perfect partner we are ecstatic , and after a few years of the same perfect partner does not seem so perfect after all. But even though the piece has become loose, it still seems to fit better than others, so should we not really search for that perfect fit ?

Every jigsaw can be completed, some are just harder than others.
Patience is most definitely a virtue which many of us lack.

Love/luck /Happiness

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