Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The imperfection

The Imperfection!

It must have been about a year ago, I went out for dinner with this gorgeous young man. He had just been promoted to Captain ( Airline) and was very excited and enthusiastic. He asked the crew if they would like to join him for dinner. As is very often the case with us crew, we hate to commit and we generally say, “ If you see me, you see me, if not, just carry on without.” And very often you carry on without. Well this was no exception, just two of the crew- including me, showed up to join the Captain.
We went to the hotel bar for a drink and then proceeded for dinner. As we sat at the dinner table, I noticed something in the Captain’s left nostril, it was a “boogie” hanging precariously at the edge. I tried to get his attention but was unsuccessful. I should have just taken a tissue and asked him to clean it up, but I didn’t. Instead I kept pretending to be a party to the conversation, while the whole time I couldn’t get my eyes away from that little imperfection.
The Imperfection- ---- It made me realize, how shallow I had been. There was this gorgeous man buying me dinner and all I could pay attention to was the boogie in his nose. How often do we do that? How often we ruin perfect times, perfect relationships, perfect careers by focusing on what is not right. I have been guilty of this; I used to be looking out for faults and imperfections all the time. My job wasn’t right, my husband wasn’t romantic enough, my house wasn’t big enough…etc etc.
However starting last year, I changed my outlook towards life; I started seeing what was right and not what was wrong. Nothing changed physically, just my outlook and my attitude and that alone made so much difference. Everything now seems wonderful. Of course I have days when I revert to the old complaining me, but 90% of the time I can consciously come back to the positive me . I used to get excruciating headaches and could not go to bed without a sleeping pill. It has been over a year since I even took a panadol (paracetmol). I have surely experienced the benefits of positive thinking and know it works.
No, it hasn’t got me my millions yet and neither has my husband turned into Don Juan, but life is definitely more beautiful and fulfilling.
Look out for the perfections and life will be full of them.


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