Tuesday, January 8, 2008

DeJa vu

Déjà vu
Just finished watching Déjà vu….. I know am a bit behind with my movies, but what can I say. TIME is of essence here.
Déjà vu… a feeling that one has had an experience previously!!! And what if we could change the past?
How often have we all wished we could/should have done things differently? How often we wish we could hit rewind and go back. Wish life was as easy as a computer program where you could go back, tab forward and erase or type at will, or a movie where everything happens in 90 to 110 minutes.
Real life is complicated. We live with our decisions, either to regret or to rejoice. I read somewhere that memory is a beautiful thing until we start dealing with the past.
How many times I must have wished that things were different, but all amount of wishing and praying does not and cannot change the past. ( Unless like the movie déjà vu…. We invent the time machine that can and will take us to the past). Maybe Sir Richard Branson is working on it as we speak.
The point being- why do we humans have a tendency to live in the past? We keep dwelling over the past and picturing what if scenarios in our head and therefore stop living in the present moment. I was guilty of this for a very long time. I would always think of the past and question and answer myself all the time and would ruin the present.
Things changed when I realized that I was not moving forward at all and people in my life had moved on. As of now we still don’t have the means to change the past, we can never forget it or deny it . All we can do is accept it for what it was and not blame ourselves for what we could have done for a different outcome.
I used beat myself over what if scenarios and blame myself for the decisions that I did or did not make, but then I realized that our decisions are based on the judgments we make at a particular time and maybe at that time it was the right decision. Maybe at that time it was the right choice based on the info available.
Was it the right decision? Was it a mistake ? Who knows? I am still searching and waiting for the time machine to take me back.


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